Why Us

Smart Data. Smarter People.

In today's world we rely heavily on the use of technology. This cross over to the financial services industry has been helpful in a variety of ways. Modeling outcomes and risk factors more accurately than in the past, software can be a valuable tool in analyzing finances. It should not be the only tool.

Issues can and do arise with over reliance. If we lean on technology without professional human expertise, we lose the personal touch to the services we provide to our clients. We create a myopic view looking at data without taking an eagle eye perspective in applying that data to our specifications. We do not put enough considerable thought into unique considerations of each individual’s situation, and there is a lack of professional thought in the planning process. We are committed to focusing on the relationship between us and our clients. We know that success is part technological and part client relationships.

Our interdisciplinary backgrounds allow us to take a holistic approach to your financial planning. Whether you already have a team in place or are looking to build one, we understand that counsel comes from a variety of sources. Our strength lies in synchronizing team efforts to achieve your goals.

What sets us apart from the other well known wealth professionals is our comprehensive 3 Stage Planning Process. We address 1) Insurance 2) Investments and 3) Estate. Most wealth professionals deal with investments and only discuss stocks and bonds.

We believe that the taller you want your financial building to be, the stronger a foundation you will need. So our planning always starts with Protection. Protecting those you love, protecting your income, and protecting your assets. This is why we are affiliated with the most comprehensive financial firm in America.